Welcome to Lonea

Sharing life together – working on the farm – welcoming people in

Our name LONEA is short for „love one another“. That is what Jesus taught us to do about 2000 years ago. That is why we also want to be a blessing to our neighbour, our city and society ans share God´s love. Regardless of belief, nationality, origin or ethnicity, we want everybody to feel welcome and accepted here. We are based on a farm in Bilm, a small town close to Hannover in northern Germany.

Our Vision

We do not just want to bring people to a church but rather bring church to the people. We do this by building relationships, doing discipleship, and following Jeus as a community. We want to enter God`s presence with people, pray for them, support them and love them. Wheter they know God or not, every person can come as they are, and contribute with their skills and passions. At LONEA we want to represent the colour, creativity, yand cultural diversity of the kingdom of God. It is our prayer that people would have life-changing encounters with God here.

Church on the farm!


Our Community

We are a no-denominational community of Christians that wants to share the love of Jesus and be a blessing to those in our region. We believe in the God of the bible and follow Jeus in our everyday lives. To do that we live out community in the following for ways: believing, serving, sharing, working.

Believing: The LONEA team meets regularly to pray, read the bible, take communion, and talk about our relationship with God. We like to invite family and friends to these gatherings. We also organize other spiritual evangelistic events.

Serving our neighbour: We want to help and serve our neighbour in very practical ways. We want identify people`s needs and difficulties and help with them. Sometimes we can best do this ny cooperating with the city of Sehnde or other private and public organisations.

Sharing: We want so share life with each other, with our friends and with our neighbours. We invite people into our homes and visit people in theirs. We also want increasingly to bemome a community sharing what we own with each other.

Working together: Our leader, Christian, runs a gardening companx and offers part-time jobs and internships. In 2021 we started agricultutal projects. We now have chickens, sheep and rabbits and make our own compost. We want to give people the opportunity to work with us and take responsibility for the animals and nature that God created. Also, we are working on a new project, the cow barn project, that we will tell you more about further down.

Our Team

Currently our team consists of four regular and active members. But without friends and acquaintances from churches and other organizations that support us practically, financially and in prayer, our ministry would not be possible.

Christian Bruns: LONEA team leader, Manager of the gardening company „BRins Leistung“; Jana`s husband and father of two

Jana Bruns: Christian`s wife and mother of two

Sarah Bartels: social worker

Achim Kunert: Mercedes` husband and father

Mercedes Kunert: Achim`s wife, mother and occupational therapist

The Cow Barn Project

LONEA is located on the farm of the Bruns family in Bilm, a small village on the outskirts of Hannover. In 2020 we started converting the forer cow barn into a multifunctional room and café. Where cows were beeing milked yesterday, we ant people to experience God`s love practically tomorrow. The project is finded by 73% by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture as part of a programme for rural development. In these facilities we have the opportunity to…

…create a new space for people to meet and exchange their thoughts and ideas

…have team meetings, seminars, courses or workhops

…hold church services, musical worship evenings n dprayer nights

…hold mother-child events, craft and game afternoons and similar events for children

…have a place for various charitable projects such as lunches for senior citizens

…have events with artists and musicians

…have events as part of a programme calles „summer pass for Children“ that allows children to do many different activities throughout the village during summer vacation

…have other events with people from the village, so that they can be engaged as well

…have private parties and events.


Would you like to support the cow barn project? Despite the government funding covering 73% of the cost, we are still left with a sum of over 100.00 € to raise. If you would like to support this project, there are different ways in which you can support us:


-Through prayer

– Through practical work with us here on the construction site

– By caring for the childreb of the construction workers

-By cooking a meal for the construction workers

Every contribution, regardless of how small or large, will give us great joy and serve to bring people into the presence of the living God.

Our bank details:

Spar- und Kreditbank Witten

IBAN: DE52 4526 0457 0011 8279 00


PayPal: paypal.me/loneasehnde

Please note your name and adress in the payment field if you wish to receive a donation receipt.




Any questions? Do not hesistate to send us an email. We would love to hear from you!


Christian Bruns:

+49 176 70215781

Or you can visit our YouTube, Facebook or Instagram pages!